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Thread: Seagate Free Agent Go....they do work!

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    Seagate Free Agent Go....they do work!

    Is there still a notion that Free Agent Gos won't work with USB loaders?

    Not sure why I read that Seagate "Free Agent Go portable USB drives won't work with Wii USB loaders."

    You see, I have a 500 GB free agent go with 74 games on it, and it works just fine. (I love the handy GO dock)

    I did notice that there MAY be a difference, you see, I used the Seagate sofware "Seagate Drive Wizzard" to partition my drive, (not the suggested software) after a low level format. I created two primary partitions, both formatted to Fat32.

    Then, I let WBFS 3.0 grab partition 0 and format it to WFBS. I have USB loader GX (778) AND CFG loader Hybrid 44 installed as channels....... both run my stuff just fine.

    3.2U (downgrade from 3.3U) Wiikey2 solder kit installed
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    It's not the FreeAgent Go that is the problem, it is the FreeAgent Desk, like the one I have. It's works fine now with cIOS38 rev14.

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