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Thread: newbie question and i searched google

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    Us newbie question and i searched google

    I just soft modded my wii version 4.1 with bannerbomb. i also got wad manager mplayer clos38 rev 14 and put it on the sd card. I still cant seem to play any backups and i have search but no one has the same problem. oh i got dvdx and try installing with wad but get error....any help?? oh also the nes emulator worksbut not the snes9x gx work will show error when trying to load any games please helpppp

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    nothing in google

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    have you read the tutorials?

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    yes i formated it and did it the way it says for 4.1 wii. now i get error 2011 during install

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    Well I just bought a used Wii with 4.1U, I followed the guide, I downloaded a couple of games and everything works great.

    I didn't install cIOScorp so I have to launch my games using the NeoGamma channel. How are you launching your games?

    DVDx is for watching DVD movies as far as I know

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    neogamma is the best, stay away form cioscorp

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    so should i format my sd card and go that route? cios is not working keep getting error when folling guide to do it that way. i have the hbc channel and my nes emulator works but das it


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