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Thread: Backup disc cannot be read

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    Backup disc cannot be read

    I have a 4.2U soft modded wii and some wii backups work (just wii sports and wii music) but i burned cod 5, resident evil achives, and marvel ultimate alliance 2 but they all say cannot read disc refer to manual or whatever


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    Hi, i had this problem when i followed a certain guide. Did the games play perfectly before? I know there are some guides around to make your Wii a virgin again...
    The only way i know of is getting an external Hard Drive, the games work perfectly every time.

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    if some games play and some dont, it comes from the burn itself..try to change to a lesser speed when burning dvd and use dvd-r.

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    I had the same problem recently with newer NTSC-J games like Sin & Punishment 2 and Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Picolo. As usual, I patched the game with brickblocker before burning to disc. I suspect that the brickblocking patch might have caused the problem for me.

    My Wii is 3.2U with rev14 and Neogamma R7.

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    Hey guys. im sorry if this is in the wrong forum but im puzzled. The past 6 wii games i've downloaded all say something like can't be copied missing something. anyway, it's puzzling me that it happened the past 6 or so games. i was using 7zip thinking that was the problem, so i torrent-ed the full version of winrar, tried it, i got it to extract, but when i went to burn it with imgburn it said cannot burn because of said error mentioned i doing something wrong? ive burnt over 20 games all in a row fine over the past year.... steps
    2-open containing folder
    3- extract (the problem is happening between step 3 and 4)
    4-open .iso in burning software, stick in -R and away you go...... right???

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    Exclamation Guitar Hero 5

    Hi i have the 4.2v on my wii and mine was flashed !

    When i try to play at guitar hero 5 backup or the original games, when the game start it still on a black screen. how to resolve this problem to play with this games whith out the black screen do i get ????

    If i put this game on the external hard drive do you think i can play with out my problems ?

    thank's i wait for your answer !


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