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Thread: Wii connect 24 and Bricking

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    Wii connect 24 and Bricking

    Hi all,

    My first real post so please be gentle.

    Im just looking for a few quick answers.

    I have managed to softmod my wii, how I dont know because I dont have a clue what Wads and Cios are. But thanks to the advice on here Ive managed to do it.

    Im now playing my games on a backup 500gb hard drive using WIIflow. (Fantastic piece of software!).

    My first Question is about WiiConnect 24.


    I read the advice about switiching the programme off. However can I switch it back on to play online games such as Mario Karts and then switch it back off again afterwards? Or sohuld it never be switched back on again?


    My second Question is im worried about bricking my WII. How easy is this to do? I have backed up my Wii using bootmii.

    Have I done enough to protect my wii from bricking?

    Also how could I now brick my wii? I have all the software I need and I have the games on my hard drive.

    I just copy any other game I want later onto my hard drive, so how could I brick my wii? What could happen for me to brick it?

    Thanks for the adivce and thanks for this great site.

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    1. You can play online without having WC24 switched on.

    2. You'll only brick your Wii if you do something silly like uninstall an IOS under 200, install a bad wad, update using wrong region disc, install a bad theme. There are more ways.

    If you continue what you are doing you should be fine.

    Make sure you have preloader installed and bootmii/boot2 if possible.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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