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    Pimp My Wii is an app that will install missing and outdated titles to your Wii console. The program will detect missing or outdated IOSes and check that you have the latest version of the Wii System Menu. It also checks if you have the latest Wii Shop Channel. If you don't have the latest versions of those titles, the program will download or read them from USB or SD, and install them. When using this program, you will have all advantages of 4.1 cumulated with those of 3.2, and this without drawbacks!

    The program is automatically displayed in English or French depending of your Wii's language. It is also compatible with NTSC-U, NTSC-J and PAL Wii consoles. (Korean Wii is theoretically compatible, but IOSes specific to this version will not be installed).

    Warning: I do not take any responsibility for any damage caused to your Wii due to improper use of this software.
    Correction of encountered problems
    Here is a list of common problems that your Wii could have (even on latest version) and the solutions that "Pimp My Wii" will do:

    Black screen on loading games:
    Missing IOS → Install those IOS (patching them)
    The Wii asks for an upgrade when inserting games:
    Old IOS → Update those IOS (patching them)
    Preloader and other homebrew does not work:
    IOS36 has the ES_Identify patched → Install a new IOS 36 and patch the bug
    No SD menu, no latest functionality:
    Old version of Wii (system menu, by example 3.2) → Upgrade to 4.1 (but patching everything) for more compatibility, functionality
    The Wii Shop asks to update:
    Old version of Wii Shop (older than v16) → Upgrade the newest version
    !!!!!!Leave the default parameters if you don't know what you're doing! A bad choice of "hacks" could leave your system unstable!!!!!!

    Questions / Answers
    Q: Does it work without internet ? / I got errors during download, what can i do?

    A: It works without internet, you just need to put the necessary wad files on the root of the SD card, or on a USB device formatted as FAT32.

    The necessary IOS are those, in their specific versions : 9 v778, 12 v269, 13 v273, 14 v520, 15 v523, 17 v775, 21 v782, 22 v1037, 28 v1550, 30 v2576, 31 v3349, 33 v3091, 34 v3348, 35 v3349, 36 v3351, 37 v3869, 38 v3867, 50 v4889, 53 v5406, 55 v5406, 56 v5405, 57 v5661, 60 v6174, 61 v5405 and 70v6687.

    And thoses "stub" IOSes, within their specific versions : IOS4v65280, IOS10v768, IOS11v10, IOS16v512, IOS20v12 et IOS254v260.

    If your Wii does not have any IOS with the trucha bug (if your Wii has SysMenu3.3 with Oct 23 update or newer), you also need IOS15 v523 and v257. IOS must be named in this format: IOSX-64-vY.wad, where X and Y are the version and revision number respectively.

    To update the System Menu, you need the file RVL-WiiSystemmenu-vX.wad, where X is 448 for 4.1J, 449 for 4.1U, 450 for 4.1E or 454 for 4.1K. For the Wii Shop, you need RVL-Shopping-v17.wad

    Q: I have Preloader, will it still work?

    A: If you are not on 4.1 and you accept the installation of this system menu, you will need to reinstall Preloader and the specific hacks for this version.

    Q: I have Preloader and I got "system files are corrupted", what can I do?

    A:If you have Preloader, you must patch "ES_Identify" on the IOS used by it. For Wii 4.x, it's IOS60, else it's IOS 30. Leave the parameters on default if you don't know what you're doing.

    Q: I have a custom theme, will it stay ?

    A: If you change your Wii version, you will lose all themes and you will need to reinstall a theme compatible with the new version System Menu you have.

    Q: Should I upgrade my console to 4.1? I thought I must stay on 3.2?

    A: If you use this program to update your console to 4.1, you will have exactly the same advantages as a 3.2 Wii, but you will also have the improvements of 4.1. You won't have any of the disadvantages of updating your Wii to 4.1.

    Q: Should I install all IOS asked?

    A: It is recommended to install IOSes indicated as "not present" and IOS 30, 34, 36 and 60. You should also leave parameters by default. If you install at least those, you will avoid most problems.

    Version 1.1:
    Correcting a bug that made 3.3 and 3.4 Wii without any IOS containing Trucha Bug unable to downgrade IOS15.
    Correcting a message about an outdated cIOS.
    If Your IOS 249 is a stub (with a official 4.2 update), it will tell you that you don't have any cIOS.
    Another check to verify that the loading of the "best" IOS has worked.
    Adding the new title id of HBC to verify that it has been installed.
    Added IOS 70 and the update of every other IOS.
    Still install 4.1, NOT 4.2.
    Updated the Wii Shop version to v17.
    No more patch on IOS 61 to prevent problems with Wii Shop and to let Homebrew Channel use it (without upside down).
    New stub verification based on size of IOS.
    It now tell you which IOS are stub.
    Internal improvement of the default choice for IOSes patches.
    Let you navigate through the list of IOS with "minus" and "plus" (or Trigger L / R for GameCube pad).
    Now detect if IOSes 30, 50 and 60 are stub (non usable) and install an older version (non stub, so usable) and replace the revision number inside. It may prevent brick if you install a lower System Menu without installing associated IOS (or if you downgrade your Wii then upgrade using a DVD of a game).
    Now prevent installing System Menu 4.1 if your IOS 60 is a stub.
    Downgrade of IOS 15 now works for Wii 4.2.
    Added a description of each choice in the menu.
    Added an "minimal installation" mode to just downgrade IOS 15 if necessary and patch IOS 36 to include the trucha bug inside.
    Added an individual description on each IOS when asking for install
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    who likes this app someone!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffdog666 View Post
    who likes this app someone!?
    I like this app!

    It seems to have helped me with my freezing cutscene troubles in Tales of Symphonia DOW!!
    Maybe even some of my other buggy isos will work fine now too!?!

    Thanks for sharing.
    THANK YOU Tealc & sociallyantisocial!!


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