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Thread: The Homebrew Channel Black Screen!!Plz Help!!

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    The Homebrew Channel Black Screen!!Plz Help!!

    Hi i need some help..i just recently installed hbc through bannerbomb.
    im on system menu 4.1u.
    so it installs and works perfectly...and asks if i want to update from hbc v1.0.3 to hbc v1.0.6 and i say yes.
    so it installs and when i open the updated hbc the screen turns black and my wiimote stops working
    i re-install the homebrew channel the same as the first time but the screen is black,i get the same problem
    i tried installing through smash stack,indiana pwns they install but i get a black screen.(wiconnect 24 is off)
    can anyone plz help me?
    is there another type other than bannerbomb,indiana pwns,or smash stack or is there a certain thing i gotta do?
    ty for reading and plz help me im a noob
    i got a friend who is on wii system menu 4.2u he installed bannerbomb v2 and it worked(his is hbc v1.0.6)
    so should i update and do the same or will the problem still exist?
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    try to uninstall all and reinstall it again

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    i already uninstalled and installed it all


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