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Thread: my flash card

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    my flash card

    Hey guys i got a ds for my son and i got the tt card with the rdstool..very cool!

    now i downloaded mario and luigi inside browser and needed to replace the ttmenu with a beta version(chiness) so it can work!

    is there another version in english that will make it

    and anybody have a hard time with were's waldo?black screen same thing on my wii lol..

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    the newer games that are being released are going to need constant firmware updates, due to new anti-piracy measures that nintendo is installing into the games. you will just have to wait for new firmware or find a patch somewhere. i was just on another site and got a patch for sonic and mario at the winter olympics. my M3DS Real needed the patch but my CycloDS latest firmware did not need the patch, go figure. but my M3DS Real latest firmware plays the Waldo game.


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