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Thread: Should I update before installing HBC or vice versa?

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    Should I update before installing HBC or vice versa?

    Hi guys,

    I'm just starting to look into softmodding, HBC etc. It's a bit to get my head around but I think I'm slowly getting the basics.

    Now, my query revolves around updating and installing homebrew. I was thinking of using the guide at GBAtemp - Modify any Wii 4.2 & below -

    My Wii is currently system menu 3.3
    That guide recommends updating via nintendo to 4.2 then installing homebrew via the guide, however the person who recommended me the guide recommended not doing that as 4.2 blocks boot2 from being edited via bootmii (though I'm not 100% sure if my wii will allow that on 3.3 anyway), as well as a few other things it does....

    I could always update via waninkoko, but it looks like a bit of a hassle and I'm not sure how necessary it is.

    So what I'm stuck on is - should I update properly to 4.2 before installing HBC etc first, or should I update to 4.2 via waninkoko first? Or should I install HBC then using one of the update methods to update to 4.2, or should I consider 4.1 instead of those (still has the question of what to do first)?

    Mainly I'd like the SDHC support offered by the later system versions, and I'd also like to be able to use the Wii shop channel, but that's about all I'm really concerned about.

    I am still a noob at this, so anything that's not in the above tutorial is still a bit confusing to me....

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    Avoid 4.2. The release of 4.2 was designed to remove Homebrew and as such has bricked many hundreds of Wiis, even unmodded ones.

    Use this tutorial instead which recommends updating to 4.1.
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    Hey, that guide looks even more comprehensive, it even outlines the safe way to update to 4.1. Thanks!!

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    So according to that guide, if I want to upgrade to 4.1 I should do that after bootmii/hackmii, and I need to install preloader to do so. Is that correct or is there another simple way to upgrade to 4.1?


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