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Thread: GC Wiigator Backup Launcher help please

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    GC Wiigator Backup Launcher help please

    Ok guys i know this is like my..300th question lol but i need help yet again.

    I downloaded Wiigator's backuplauncher so that i could play Luigi's Mansion.
    I put the disc in and waited for it to load. After it got done loading it suddenly turned white and black and started flickering(Going up and down but still can see the image if you follow it well enough) and i was wondering if this may just be the ISO or if it could be a problem with my wii. I have LU65 wii 4.2U.

    P.S. Sorry for any misspellings but my keyboard likes to not put letters in which i push

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    Is it an out of region iso and what button did you press to load it?

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    it is not out of region it and i pushed A..But it does it as soon as it reads it on the GC Backup. So before the game even begins it does it on the screen with the whole a x y stuff

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    Might be due to a bad burn or have you already tried to reburn it?

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    I have the same issue also.....I have also reburned games on multiples DVD-R's to get the same result.....So I am completely clueless now to how this can be resolved...


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