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Thread: hot mod wii without chip wii?

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    hot mod wii without chip wii?

    hey guys im just wondering about softmodding my wii i got this link and it seem pretty cool what im asking has anybody done this and can i buy a 8gb sd card and load all roms and emulators from all the classic consoles snes nes megadrive and mastersystym and leave them in my wii and play help would be great please look at the link and you know wat im on bout if this works proper with the 8gb the wii will be the best console ever thanks

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    No you can't, have you actually read the thread?

    You need the OLD Action Replay! They stopped producing it. I am not sure how to identify it, but if you have the OLD action replay you can manually enter cheat codes. In the new version you cant.

    You need to enter cheat codes so that you can enter the "secret code" so that the wii loads stuff from the sd card.

    Then you need a sd media card adapter for the gc memory slot. You can not use the internal memory adapter, it has to be a external one, because the whole think only works in gamecube mode.

    In this external adapter you can only use NONE SDHC cards, so only up to 2 GB.

    You can not play VC games, you can play original ROMS with emus which is great, but most of them dont support real gamesaving, only memory dumps as far as i tried and understand it. But usually saving is done a regual Memory Card, i am not sure if you can save at all when you have the action replay plugged in, maybe yo ucan swap them.

    So you need to buy hardware (hardware thats hard to find and that they already stopped producing) for about 100 euro or USD, you can get a modchip for the same money and much more fun.


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