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Thread: Error 003 on USA-Wii after 4.2 uptade

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    Error 003 on USA-Wii after 4.2 uptade

    Hello to all,

    Thatīs my first post.

    Yes, I did that stupid thing, I updated my Wii to 4.2 and now itīs bricked.
    I would like some help to unbricked that.
    I read a lot of posts in this forum and could learn some new words, but Iīm still far from unbrick it by myself.
    My Wii is an USA one since the serial number start with LU63…
    It has a modchip D2E2 key-9.
    I managed to use savemii with the gamecube control and got de “4.2 (usa)” wrote on bottom left corner on tv.
    Now, whatīs next step?
    I tried UUDv2 burned on DVD-R at 4x speed, but got no boot.
    I can hear DVD spinning, but it stop few seconds after and nothing happens.

    Thanks in advance

    P.S. Sorry my bad English

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    Sorry friend, when update system to 4.2U, it will auto block all your authourized soft and hardware like (HBC, SOFTMOD), and now there have no soft to Boot on this Firmware or Downgrade
    And I have the same problem

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    That means my Wii is dead? There is no way to recovery it?
    Even if I remove the modchip the "error 003" wiil be still there?

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    maybe there is a solution
    use a GC controller in port 4
    you could get to the recover screen

    if you get to that screen use a nand backup to restor your system
    if you don't have one

    maybe some one here can help you

    with best regard


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