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    Red face need help

    im new to this so cant figure it out im trying to softmod my wii but i have v.4.2 does anyone have any ideas other than buying BREWII cause that seems to be my only option

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    BreWii won't work on 4.2, it's just a fucking scam, it's pretty much just a bundle of EVERYTHING YOU CAN GET FREE HERE.

    Follow this:
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    WiiKey v1 - 4.0E - BootMii/boot2 - Preloader 0.30r4 - Homebrew Channel - cios38r14 - 2GB SD Card

    Region Free - Preloader Hacks
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    if you have to pay, donate to us and you can pm any of our extremely knowledgeable mods that will help you mod your wii no problem


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