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Thread: ERROR RET = 2011 Wad Installer

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    ERROR RET = 2011 Wad Installer

    Hi i was trying to install a backup loader wad. Then it said ERROR RET = 2011 i just updated my cios to 249. i have wii menu 4.2. i tried different loaders but same thing . Thank you for your help

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    Quote Originally Posted by davepm View Post
    I tryed installing cios but errors come up

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    I just solved it with

    If you had a bad cios install you'll probably have the same issue I just had to post about, upside down homebrew!

    I'll let you know how I solve my problem =)

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    all u have to do to fix the upside down homebrew is run hackmii and reinstall the homebrew channel waalah fixed


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