So i spent the past 2 days trying to get an updated 4.2 wii (updated by not paying attention) to have the HBC again. So i have tried everything from the cIOSCORP uninstaller that wouldn't load in root. THen tried loadmii which just kept giving me errors. So i figured why not try and use the .wad files in the uninstaller and use wad manager v1.5. So here is what you do.

As Like Any Modification This May Brick your WII! I take no responsibility if it bricks!!

Download cIOSCORP 3.4 uninstaller. (If you just want the wads pm and I'll send you a link)

Download Wad Manager v 1.5 (again if you need this pm me and ill give you the link)

Download Hackmii V 0.5 installer. Copy just the wad and private folder Nothing ELSE!!!

Now take the .wad files found in either my download i've given you or your own. If you searched google and downloaded the uninstaller the files will be located cL64UNST. Copy every wad except RVL-mios-v9.wad (Don't know what that is so i didn't use it. If some one knows what it does please tell me and I will update the post.)

Now rename (if not already) the .dol file in the Wad Manager v1.5 folder to boot.dol

No your sd card should like this


Now insert into the wii and load throught the little sd icon at the bottom left of the screen. Wait a few secons and click ok/load/what ever it says

Load IOS 250 (if it doesn't work or freezes with 250 try 36) Install all wad. This will uninstall the horrible mistake you made by installing cioscorp.

Take the sd card out erase all data and use this guide to finish up!

following that guide will get the rest working for you. Hope this helps people who made the mistake like me to install the EPIC FAIL cIOSCORP ios.