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Thread: WBFS 3.0/USB Loader Partiton SD Card

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    Ca WBFS 3.0/USB Loader Partiton SD Card

    How do I Partiton my 8GB Sandisc SD Card to use with WBFS 3.0 please.
    I have searched forums and Googled, every thread has info on problems after people partitioned but not how to. I was under the impression that the USB Loader did.
    im on wii v4.1
    and vista x64

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    If you mean format to WBFS then just put your card in and run WBFS manager load whatever drive letter assigned to the card and press format.

    If you mean make a partition then just make a partition like you would on any drive then format whichever half to WBFS (both halves will have a drive letter.

    Not sure why you would partition a 8 gig though, that is rather small so I am assuming you just mean format.

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    partition because when i load my sd card to the wii and load usb loader it says it wont read because its not partioitoned.
    i've read partitioning sd is not a s easy as partitioning any onther drive, ie c: because its external media.
    have you done so and how plz?
    i am just trying to get a iso backup to load via usb loader.

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    OK, again, if you are just wanting to run game iso's from your sd card then put your sd card into your computer how you normally would, find what drive letter it is assigned.

    Open WBFS manager and on the top left find what drive letter matches your sd card, then press format. you will get a warning that all data will be lost from the card (so have anything important backed up first) after that your sd card will be wbfs format and you load your game iso's from the right hand side using the browse button to find them.

    IF you are wanting to partition your sd card to contain other items as well as wbfs games then use any partition maker (I use partition magic).

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    OK used a different USB Loader, GX, and it worked fine, didn't have to partition sd card because i was using a seperate sd card for the iso.

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    How to format a sd card to WBFS format

    its simple really just download wii Backup manager(pc) then load ur sd card what ever letter it is means is (F) then click tools on the top left corner
    then click format devices choose ur drive letter then make sure the format is set to WBFS file system and for secrot size set to 512 and click ok and ur done


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