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Thread: wii power adaptor for India

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    wii power adaptor for India


    We have bought a wii from the US for be used in India.

    Now after buying the same I realise that it needs a 110 v input.

    Any suggestion on what to do ?
    I see many different universal adaptors on ebay and on amazon.
    All seem to have a small % of negative reviews saying that it messed up with the console....

    Any suggestions ?

    Do you know if you can get a wii ac power adaptor in India (orignal made by wii ?)

    I wonder what the voltage in UK is? same as India perhaps ?


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    The voltage in the UK is 240v. I found this on ebay if its any help. I to have a US Wii which I bought on holiday 2 years ago & I bought a third party dual voltage adpter from ebay for it. It has been running fine on it for nearly 2 years now. Or why not just buy a step down transformer.

    Hope this helps


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