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Thread: Wii Fit Plus Automatically updates wii?

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    Unhappy Wii Fit Plus Automatically updates wii?

    I just got the wii fit plus game and it says it checks your wii version and updates if neccessary. Does that mean I can't play it or it will update my wii and mess up my homebrew? I have version 3.2 now. I haven't updated because I was told not to by the person who installed it. How many other games automatically update your wii? Is this a new way for nintendo to stop homebrew, etc....?

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    Just load the game through your backup loader and it wont update.

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    at 3.2, i would say almost every game of 2009 will prompt u update.
    i don't think WiiFit_plus will raise ur wii to 4.2 which is not favorable for hbc. at the most, WiiFit_plus may be 4.1
    either thro Bkup_loader or Gecko will help u playablet the game; and NOT the wii be updated.
    i've it played on my 3.2, yup.....


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