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Thread: Questions about cIOScorp 3.4

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    Questions about cIOScorp 3.4

    I have a few questions about cIOScorp 3.4. I am on 4.1U.

    So I followed this guide
    New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii
    Did everything accordingly and everything went fine. After the "5. THE FINAL STEP", I decided to run the cIOScorp 3.4, and I installed it (just ran it), again, everything went fine (or so it seems). I am able to play my burnt back-ups on the disc channel. So here are my questions.

    Do I need to still do the "3. GET A CIOS " or "5. THE FINAL STEP" again after the cIOScorp 3.4?

    I read that cIOScorp 3.4 does not support Hackmii, does that mean that boot2 and my Nandbackup is not supported anymore?

    Lastly, my USB Loader GX should still work the same way right? Do I need to do anything again to have it running before I installed the cIOScorp?

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    1. You already have a cIOS installed as that what was used to install cIOSCorp. So no you do not need to get a cIOS.

    2. cIOSCorp, causes hackmii to give you the no vulnerable IOS message. If you already had bootmii and homebrew channel installed then you're fine. These will run fine but may give you trouble to re-install. Homebrew Channel v1.0.4 and above usually give you a upsidedown screen when using cIOSCorp.

    3. Your USB Loader should work fine as cIOSCorp does not modify IOS249.

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    Cool, thanks.


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