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Thread: GC backups on Wii

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    GC backups on Wii

    Hi, Im new here

    I guess you got this question a 1000 times before and sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum.

    How do I play GC backups/homebrew on the Wii? I have a softmodded 4.2 EU wii. Wich programs should I use, where to download them, wich version and so on. Plz help a n00b in need

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    You need to install cMIOS to be able to play GC backups and I recommend using WiiGators Gamecube Backup Launcher to play them as to where to download them and what versions to use I CBF looking at this moment as its late here.

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    ok, thank u very much Favs

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    If you need more help with this let me know' as i was stuck on this 1' but got it working'

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    Thx, but right now I dont have the time to test it beacuse of homework and stuff like that. I'll reply when I've tested it out

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