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Thread: I am really stuck... Please help!

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    Angry I am really stuck... Please help!

    This is my first post. Hope is in the right place.
    This is my problem(s):
    Bought a wii (3.4E PAL). Installed homebrew channel (with bannerbomb). Downgraded to 3.2E, using the great tutorials on this site.
    Couldn't access shop channel and wanted to use internet channel so downloaded the wad and installed this with wad manager 1.3 (internet now works!)
    I got wii resort sports free with my wii. Wanted to play from backup and keep original safe because my kids destroy CDs, DVDs, games,... To see if I could do this I downloaded a backup. I used wiigator launcher 0.3 beta. It didn't work and what is worse is that the original game doesn't work either!!!. The DVD channel asks for a system update so I can't play either backups or original games!!!

    I am about to give up, reset wii to factury settings, upgrade to last firmware and give up idea of playing back ups...

    Please please help! I have 4 kids + 3 of their friends at home and if I don't get the wii working to keep them busy they may eat me alive!!

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    Why don't you update your Wii to 4.1 then? Using this guide:

    Read it carefully. You must follow it completely, obviously you already have the homebrew channel you should skip that.

    In the included files there's a Firmware Update 4.1 that you can run using the homebrew channel.


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