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Thread: Lost all Rock Band 2 saves

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    How to run RB2 from disc channel in system menu 4.2E?

    I finally got the dlc working on my wii and I downloaded a bunch of songs and moved them to my sd card. Then I started to play the songs and after few songs the game informed me that the system memory is full and I must make more room in my system memory to continue playing. Apparently the game copied the songs back to system memory as I was playing them. Is that normal? So, I did as I was told and went to data management and removed the dlc data from wii system memory and I made sure not to delete any saves (they are still there). When I started the game again it asked me if I wanted to make a new save. I was a bit "wtf", but answered yes. After that I haven't been able to load my old saves or access the dlc I had loaded before.

    Please help!

    Edit: Ok, it seems that the problem is that I have been using the usb-loader. How can I get the rock band 2 load from disc channel? I have system menu 4.2E. Other games load fine from disc channel....
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    I am also having the same problem, ive already posted this under a similar post, but in case someone smarter than I sees it, here it is again:
    Quote Originally Posted by ethinolicbob View Post
    I am getting this same problem as well. I will get DLC, it says copied onto the SD card, which it does, but it also leaves behind the DLC on the NAND. So i ignored DLC for a bit.
    But recently I got a couple more songs, deleted from the NAND, and then we went to play them. What happened next irritated me. When I played them it recopied them to the NAND (as you would expect) but after the song it left it behing, onto the next song, rinse repeat.....
    And im only just getting to the most annoying part. It seems while in the tour mode it loads up the save data > removes it > plays the song > saves the save data... but when the DLC came up on the random song it went load up save data > removes it > loads up DLC > plays the song > doest bloody delete it > (after a few DLC tracks) cannot save back on, please clear space...
    Save gone into the wash...
    Ive attempted with USB loaders of every type, loading from backup disc....
    Any input?


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