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    help me...

    i have installed the homebrew channell and dvdx...nothing system version is 3.3U...if i go to upgrade the firmware uisng which version wil it be upgraded and wat will happen to the homebrew channel....can i remove the homebrew and dvdx so that i can re do all the installations using the tutorial from this site..

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    You can follow this tutorial and upgrade to 4.1:

    You will need to have your Wii with Internet access ON; but with WiiConnect24 OFF. As you already have HBC and DVDx installed, you can just skip those parts of Step 1.

    If you do not want to do a full softmod, but only want to update to 4.1, you can do that too-repost your need and I or someone else will provide the link to the appropriate tutorial.

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    hey dude thank u.... thing is the way how i installed the homebrew channel was using fat...the above tutorial requires fat32 i have to reformat my memory card to fat 32 right...and also tell me how to remove the old homebrew channel and also dvdx if possible..i want to do a fresh install from the starting

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    on mine when i first started doing wii,s i just done system format that sorted everything out and then i jus restart the softmod .. i use bannerbomb . install homebrew dvdx and bootmii . as boot2 . jus to be on safe side bro ...
    and yes format card . and start with above tut ...

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    ohh wat wil the system format actually do...wat data does it erase??


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