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Thread: PLEASE HELP "i cannot load the< setting >option on my wii menu."

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    PLEASE HELP "i cannot load the< setting >option on my wii menu."

    please i need help!!!!" i update my wii to 4.2u and cannot load the option on my wii menu. All the apps are there in my homebrew channel with my backup launcher and they are working except that i cannot go into my setting option in the wii menu icon. When i select the setting in the wii menu the screen show a big white screen with a black surrounding, please can someone show me how to fixed? Prefer step by step pleeeease.

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    i still cannot go into my setting in my wii menu?

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    Same problem here, with my updated 4.1 to 4.2 softmod everything is working. I can play all the games in usb loader GX from HDD. Just can't get to wii system settings, it turns the screen black and then freezes. I beleive my problem came from 4.1 themes I had on my other sd card. I tried to go back to default theme and system bricked. Did a nand backup, to discover I no longer can go to systen settings. But can still play all the bacups. Maybe they will come out soon with a way to down grade 4.2


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