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Thread: Semi Bricked with Sonic & Mario

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    Unhappy Semi Bricked with Sonic & Mario

    Hi All,

    I have semi bricked my US Wii with Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics (PAL). I'm not sure what it upgraded me to. and I have no idea which chip i have i tried wiikey update discs but no use that means its not wiikey, Is there any easy way or disc update that will fix it? I tried wii-system-menu-update-usa-v289.rar but i was not able to run that disc, no matter which way i tried to burn always disc error.

    now I cannot access settings menu, getting opera error

    I done have homebrew or anything else, though i can still play backup games and retail discs. but there is no settings menu, and no wifi because i changed the wifi recently.

    please help,

    Thanks in advance.
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    my wii serial starts with LU56 and as per database 77% chance its GC2-D2C.

    result from database lookup ...

    There is a 77% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C (v1).
    And there is also a 14% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C2 (v2) and the drive has the new metal clip.
    Lastly, a 10% chance the chipset is GC2R-D2A.

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    any expert , guru please help ,

    Update : I tried the latest Wii Sports Resort NTSC which i believe is coming with update 4.0 but its not showing update option that means im already 4.0 ?

    Mario & Sonic at winter olympics is latest game , any idea which update is there ?

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    hello friends,

    am i confusing or not clear no reply .. please help me

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    do you have preloader or bootmii?

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    no i dont have any homebrew or any loader

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