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Thread: How do you get the dance mat working?

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    How do you get the dance mat working?

    Hi folks,

    I got a dance mat off ebay, it uses the gamecube port, but it doesn't seem to register with Dance Dance Revolution game (Hottest Party 2).

    I plug it in, but nothing's happening, can't use it ingame to dance, it doesn't register any moves.

    Do you need to do something special with Wii to make it pick up the gamecube controller?


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    The mats work on Hottest Party 1 but not on Hottest Party 2. I ve seen some adaptors being sold on ebay a while ago.

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    you get one of these dude or know how to mod wiring

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    Hi guys,

    I found the adapter but unlucky it isn't shipped to Switzerland (where I live), does anyone know how to "self build" the adapter or a site that ships to Switzerland?



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