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Thread: Bricked my 3.1U?

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    Bricked my 3.1U?

    Being a 1st time Wii newbee I manged to brick my Wii trying to softmod it. It started out at SystemMenu 3.1U and I got BootMii installed as boot2 and preloader .29 installed properly. The device boots up to the Homebrew channel automatically so I have access to the Wad manager.

    I have read the best way to repair it is to install IOS50-64-v4889.wad then SystemMenu-NTSCU-v385.wad. My question is.... I believe this will leave my Wii at ver 3.4U? Is there a way (or Wad file) that can restore my system back to 3.1U?

    The softmod instructions tell me to upgrade the system to 4.1 if you are starting with ver 3.3 or 3.4? I'm not sure which system rev would be the best and/or safest. The Wii deck will be used for local game play via burnt disc and not connected to the internet.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    What makes you think your Wii is bricked, you can boot up HBC, perhaps you need to change settings so the system menu boots instead of HBC.

    If BootMii is installed as boot2, you can make BootMii autoboot to the system menu or Homebrew Channel after a specified number of seconds of inactivity by altering sd:/bootmii/bootmii.ini by adding or changing the following lines:

    * BOOTDELAY=5 (or any other number)

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    If I try to exit HBC I get the "System Files are Corrupted" message. So far I haven't been able to load any discs at all. I can get the USB loader to look for a hard disc, but I don't have one hooked up. I was trying to play a disc from the drive. So it looks like the unit just has a corrupt SystemMenu. I'm going to look for AnyRegion Changer tomorrow and give that a try.

    If I need to upgrade to screen rev 4.1, can I do that without being connected to the internet? I tried the 4.1 loader app but it got stuck on connecting to internet in the begining.
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    Trying reinstalling your system menu by downloading 3.1U from NUSD. Use WAD manager to reinstall it since you said you can access HBC.

    EDIT: Just re-read your message. I'm not gonna give you bad advice since I'm not sure how you be certain what your sysmenu is at currently. I would think that installing 3.1U would be fine, though.

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    Installing IOS30 v1039 and System Menu v257 will give you back a working 3.1U. The only thing is they are not popular System Menu versions to be on and consequently the files are a little harder to come by than 3.2, 4.0 and 4.1 files.
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    Thanks for all the good input. I know I was at 3.1U because I verified the system menu rev before starting on this mission. The only reason I wanted to get back there was so I didn't need to perform the extra step of upgrading (the instuctions say to upgrade to 4.1 if you start with 3.3 or 3.4).As long as I have to upgrade anyway because I bricked it, I might as well go right to 4.1.

    Thanks Again


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