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Thread: Updating The wii to wiikey version 1.3

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    Updating The wii to wiikey version 1.3

    I have been trying to update my wii to wiikey version 1.3 can anyone please give advice on how I can achieve this.


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    1.3 is not an update. It's a config disc.
    After you updatet to 1.9g you can use 1.3 to edit some settings.

    1.9g is the latest update needed for SMG!
    The official website is down, but you can find a 1.9g update somewhere here at the board.

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    I am interested in updating my wii, maybe I just haven't found the how to yet on the board, but i did find 1.9g here.(what next?) Any other suggestion would be helpful. thx in advance

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