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Thread: Advice on what steps to take to remedy (3.4U, LU70, drivekey)

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    Red face Advice on what steps to take to remedy (3.4U, LU70, drivekey)

    Ok, so I got a LU70 wii with a drivekey and 3.4U system menu.

    I successfully ran gamecube and wii backups. I got homebrew installed and proceeded to install snes9x and genplus successfully. I got wadmanager on there on got -2011 errors for wad installations which pointed to 3.4 system errors.

    So I researched how to downgrade the system menu and ran

    then used custom wadmanager to run ciosfix.wad

    My menu still stays 3.4U, nothing runs in homebrew anymore. So I'm wondering what steps I should take to make sure I get a clean 3.2 install.

    Any help would be appreciated, I've been following and researching the steps pretty religiously so I hate to ask for help but I'm kinda stuck right now. The wii is all but useless to me at this point
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    So I ran the twilight backup and now the homebrew apps are working again oddly enough. I just need to get this badboy downgraded to 3.2. What am I doing wrong? And is there a more bulletproof and n00b friendly way. I guess I wouldn't say I'm a n00b, but I'm no pro.

    Homebrew channel is 1.0.6
    IOS 36 v12.18 by SD card

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    IOS16-64-v257 is extrememly outdated now. Try this one to rid yourself of -2011 without all that messy 3.2 stuff.
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