Hey guys, hope I can get some help on this one, its really bumming me out.

I got a WII (duh) first time I got online with it I ended up with 4.2E. No worries thanks to the great guide I got here I was able to get me some homebrewing, so now backups and stuff all goes well, i even got it playing over USB (yay).

Now this really sucks, in order for my WII to recognize the USB drive I have to:

- Start up the WII with the USB plugged/unplugged (it doesn't make a difference)
- Go to NeoGammaR7, unplug (if it is plugged at startup of course) and plug in the USB again (if i don't it crashes and I have to shut down the WII when i try the next step)
- Load the WBFS drive blah blah blah, now I can play (yay).
- Get out of Neo cause I want to use GX, open GX and yes I can play


If I start the WII with the USB already plugged I get a crash on NeoGamma and USBLoaderGX. It doesn't even ask me to plug it in, it just crashes!

And I have to load in NeoGamma or else GX crashes if i start it first!

Is there any way to work around this? I really don't want to open NeoGamma load and close it so that i can use GX.