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Thread: Read so Much im really confused Please clarify

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    Read so Much im really confused Please clarify

    My Goal: To mod my will to play backups. Thats really all.

    I have a brand new will with a serial number starting with LU66.
    Also has firmware 3.6 installed out of the box.
    I keep reading about anything over LU64 needs different steps to mod.
    I dont plan on modding the wii for anything other than playing backups.
    What is the absolute easiest most simple way to mod enough to play backups on my system?

    Will having 3.6 firmware stop me from playing some games that will be released soon? Do i need 4.1? I wont ever have the wii hooked up to the internet. Will some disc come with firmware updates that can unmod the wii?

    Please point me in the right direction on this one guys. I appreciate the help so much.

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    before u do anything, spend a few minutes to read the Firmware & IOS summary in
    read the threads about hackmii_installer_v0.6 in this very Forum,; and follow every step to letters

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    Read this tutorial through a few times very carefully before you start:

    You will need a 2GB SD card preferably a SanDisk, formatted on your PC as FAT32. Normally, Internet access is required to perform the Firmware 4.1 Update, but if your Wii has no Internet access, an offline update to 4.1 can be done if you want. Keep WiiConnect24 OFF.

    If you have questions after reading tis tutorial through a few times, post your questions in the associated forum. Good luck.


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