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Thread: Wiimote issue or should I say semi-brick issue?

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    Wiimote issue or should I say semi-brick issue?


    Today I decided to bring my HBC and all of its features back to life(Usb loader etc.)with the help of your wonderfully explained tutorial because I accidently updated my Wii to 4.2 E. Everything went according to plan, but when I try to play backup games, my Wiimote wont work in the START SCREEN of the game. The game is running, but it wont work. I currently have Tiger Woods PGA tour 2010 and Resident Evil Archives. Both do the same thing once in the menu. What could this mean? Please help!!!!!

    Thanks in advance!


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    problem happens to usb_loader or the backup disc loading ? it's not clear in ur statement...

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    well I havent tested it on the usb loader yet, cause I dont have a big enough USB key. I only tried out backup disc loading and that happened. what can I do?


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