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Thread: Almost clueluess...

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    Us Almost clueluess...

    Ok... some background here.

    1) I dig the Wii out of storage, I haven't touched it in over a year. Decided to fire it up and play some games. The other day I upgraded it to version 4.2U, unbeknownst I'd ever get interested in softmodding just days later.

    2) Play more games, yadda yadda, and then start to get bored of the Wii again, and am about to shelve it again. But then I think, wait, you can mod these things.

    3) I get very interested in hardware modding. I try to place an order for a WiiKey2 and my credit card gets declined. Turns out some issue with my bank being picky about a combination of ordering something from Canada off the Internet. Whatever--my interest in hardware modding completely vaporized when I started watching some YouTube videos of people showing step-by-step how to softmod.

    4) Realizing I just updated to 4.2, I do some searching on the 'net about softmodding. I successfully used bannerbomb on a fresh SD card and I installed both the Homebrew Channel (HBC) and bootmii.

    5) As far as I can tell I can successfully run any homebrew piece of software (though for some reason the memory game of Simon wouldn't work). But of course my chief interest is, you know, backing up my collection of Wii games and being able to play them off non-moving media like an SD card and a mass-storage device connected to a rear USB port.

    Everything has been very straightforward with the exploit and homebrew.

    What has me completely tripped up is pretty much anything to do with Waninkoko: She (for some reason a long dark-haired Spanish woman enters my mind) wrote the DVD Dumper program and all this stuff about WAD installers, IOS, cIOS, etc.

    I have NO IDEA what any of that stuff is or means, or why it's important. Normally I wouldn't care except all her apps are asking me to specify an IOS version. And there are dozens of CIOS releases available. Lots of WADs too (whatever those are!).

    I'm not so concerned about bricking my Wii as I am about just saving time and getting the hackery done and figuring out what it all means later. I backed up the NAND successfully using bootmii (and I was dismayed to discover some bad blocks in the process--is that normal?). I'm reasonably confident I could restore the Wii to normal should I completely brick it with bad settings or wrong hacks.

    So in the interest of saving time, I just started looking for "turn key" packages that people have been so kind and awesome to put together for the lazier folks like myself that just want things to work. I found one on this very forum called "Hack pack 4.2 sys menu.rar" and "cIOS on 4.2 SD.rar".

    But following the steps in the post that references that package do not yield a successful outcome for me. Typically what happens almost every time I run some Waninkoko-written piece is my Wii will just freeze. Well almost freeze--the background metal music keeps going. But the Wiimote just blinks its four blue LEDs when I press buttons on it. The only thing I can do is force the power off by holding the power button down for 5 seconds.

    As I said, I'm not even sure really what I'm doing or why. There seems to be a lot of interest in this thing called "IOS249" but I can't seem to either get it installed or uninstalled (it's unclear to me what needs to be done).

    If anyone can share some coherent, clear instructions on where to go from here I'd be most grateful!


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    firstly waninkoko is a guy! lol but he does have long dark he prob looks like a chick from behind...heh, have a look at this guide by messie, it covers all aspects of hacking 4.2, and also have a read through all the recommended guides/faqs to expand your knowledge.....


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