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Thread: Backup ISO's from laptop to USB HDD

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    Backup ISO's from laptop to USB HDD

    Hi guys im a complete newbie at this kinda thing, i got a buddy to chip my Wii (not sure what chip) and iv got a few backup ISO's on my laptop which i want to just store on my Toshiba 1TB HDD and put back on the laptop when i need to burn them onto disk. Iv seen the guide on how to format the HDD for use in the Wii but do i need to do the same thing for using it on my laptop or is this a different procedure? Iv tried dragging and dropping but it says that the ISO's are too big. Iv got some films on there already could that be the problem? Any help would be appreciated

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    If you just want to store ISOs on your HDD without using the Wii, create a NTSF-formatted partition. Neither FAT not FAT32 will handle files larger than 4 GB and Wii game ISOs are typically 4.37GB.


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