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Thread: what does "your wii system must be modded" mean?

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    what does "your wii system must be modded" mean?

    i want to buy a game for my wii online but it says that my system must be modded. what does that mean and how do i modd my system?

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    This means that somebody wants to illegally sell you a backup of a wii game.

    Modded means that a wii is equiped with a drive chip. This chip tricks the disk authentication system and so you can play backups of original games.

    Backups are games that are copies of a original games using a standart dvd burner.

    Dont buy that software, if it is on ebay please informe somebody there, because its illegal!!

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    surpised flebay hasnt seen that yet..
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch


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