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Thread: WasabiDX - D3-2 Drive

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    WasabiDX - D3-2 Drive

    Alright, long story short, got a new Wii after my old Wii updated to 4.2 and got the 003 prob.

    Got this new Wii and got the best chip out there, the WasabiDX, installed it, thought it was working then after a few other games it actually does not work.

    After searching I found that my new Wii happens to be a D3-2 drive.

    I highly doubt it but if I swapped the D3-2 drive with my old Wii with the 003 error it would work? Or is the 003 error coded into the drive?

    Besides that I just wanted to post here and see if anyone knows or has news whether the WasabiDX will have an update that will allow it to work on D3-2 drives in the very near future.

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    swap the drive will work, providing the IOSs were "completely" installed in mother board. the drive won't take IOSs but disc only.

    003 was due to anut-Nin found unathorized contents (hbc, loaders,...etc.) in blood
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