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Thread: Japanese wii help

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    Japanese wii help

    Hi Im new here. Im after some help with my japanese wii. My parents brought it back from Hong Kong where the shop told him it was chipped. It all works ok when u put it on but it doesnt reconise any games. Ive tried an english game and a copied game. Whats the best way to go about this? Will I have to buy Japanese games and if so where from? Any help with be great thanks

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    I purchased a Japanese Wii. It came with 40 games, so I assumed it was modded. It wasn't, its just games are really cheap out there. The problem I then had was that no-one that I could find will chip a Japanese Wii. The chips do not work on them. I am told that the Japanese Wii's will only work with NTSC games, not PAL. So do a search on any auction site for NTSC games for Wii, and you might find them.

    Unless anyone else knows of a website where you can buy them from??? I gave up and went for a UK modded Wii, but thats another story.....



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