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Thread: help it's been a while

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    help it's been a while

    K so I'm bored off all my old backups and was checking out what was new and I see that every one is using 4.2 and neogamma. My question is do I need to To upgrade to play newer backups ? I'm using backup launcher 0.3 on fw 3.2u

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    Do Not Update to 4.2. You do not even need to update your fimware at all in order to play the new games. You could probably update your backup game loader; NeoGamma R7 is indeed the most commonly used of the backup loader by this site's members.

    What would allow you to play the newer games is to install a number IOSes. To start, install IOS 38, 53, and 55: IOS38-53-55.rar.

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    ok thanx so update the ios 38 53 55, then install geogamma r7 with cios rv14


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