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Thread: Link's crossbow training crash error

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    Link's crossbow training crash error

    Okay, so when I first purchased this almost 2 years worked fine. Now, i have not played it in a while, it remained in its cardboard sleeve and it is scratchless.

    When I load it in, not only does it not boot, my wii will crash within a few moments even if im not in the disk menu.

    it tells me to remove the disk, and reboot the system. (it doesn't help)

    I sent my wii in once for repairs. I had not hacked it at that time.

    since then, i did the twilight princess hack, and have installed two versions of cios. one is the latest 249 which i installed about a week or so ago. the other was a rev 5 from around a year ago.

    I have since then been using usb loader gx.

    My last update was in April last year, when loading Mad World, its still 3.4.

    Has anybody with Link's Crossbow Training succeeded lately? I tried to install it with usb loader, but it was installing a .20gb file so slow that the timer was going up faster than the percentage.

    The most information i can get about it so far was last updated in 2008. does update 4.0 or 4.1 fix it? how can i safely install that? Will that disable wad manager?

    please, if this is in the wrong forum, kindly move it. im new here.
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