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Thread: WAD from USB?

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    Question WAD from USB?

    is this even possible?

    WAD-Manager v1.5 gives you obtions to read from ...
    SD slot
    USB 2.0
    gecko slot a
    gecko slot b

    given this i made an assumption, seems simple.

    i formattd my Toshiba 500Gb HD (465gb) so it looks like
    455gb WBFS // 10.5gb FAT32
    both partitions are Primary (not Logical)

    my assumption... oh i want this to work... took me to..

    reading from SD, WAD-Manager needs a root WAD directory
    so my FAT partiton gets the same.

    on SD\\WAD
    on USB\\WAD

    fill WAD w/ all my wiiware & vc
    get excited about one drive holdin ALL the Wiis needs for games

    using both USB & USB 2.0 i get error ret=-1

    me =

    tried another drive FAT32 all the way. WD500.
    same error

    tried FAT(16) but had a 4gb limit, same error.

    ... now let me make clear that while in all of this i was reading w/o any trouble @ all from the WBFS side using WiiFlow

    SO I ASK
    is what i am attempting even possible (yet)?

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    have a read through : for help with the error codes.

    Sounds like it may be that your HDD is simply not compatible (theres a thread kicking around somewhere with a list of compatible USB drives. WD passport or Lacie Mobile disc work fine from personal experience.)

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    is ther an actual LIST of drives?

    OR is this just WAD_Manager?

    WiiFlow rights/reads from the FAT32 partition for boxcover info no prob.
    i have to say the fact that WiiFlow uses BOTH WBFS & FAT32 partitions makes me sceptical about drive incompatibility, in this case anyway.

    i hope that a v1.6 might address ? or even an upcoming cIOS
    fingers crossed Waninkoko


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