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Thread: TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cMIOS & MIOS Archive

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    Arrow TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cMIOS & MIOS Archive

    All cMIOS are Homebrew Channel ready and packed into rars with their official MIOS included for local install.



    rev 1
    rev 2
    rev 3

    All Official MIOS downloaded from NUS are available for download below.

    Original MIOS

    MIOS v4
    MIOS v5
    MIOS v8
    MIOS v9

    Enjoy!!! and don't forget to +rep
    Wii Specs:
    4.1E PAL BootMii as BOOT2,Preloader
    cIOSCORP v3.5 ,IOS 249,Latest cMIOS and cIOS

    Cioscorp v3.4 : DOWNLOAD

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate SystemMenu Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cIOS & IOS Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cMIOS & MIOS Archive

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    Does cMIOS overwrite MIOS or is it like cIOS?

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    Question What is an MIOS?

    I've heard about them in mods like SoftMii, but never fully understood. What is an MIOS and what does it do? What does the cMIOS modify?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WerehogUS View Post
    I've heard about them in mods like SoftMii, but never fully understood. What is an MIOS and what does it do? What does the cMIOS modify?
    From sociallyantisocial's FAQ (

    Q: What is a MIOS?
    A: MIOS is a special version of IOS that runs when the Wii enters GameCube mode. The same MIOS is used for all GameCube games and software. It has seen minimal updates in the Wii's lifetime. It contains a full copy of the GC IPL, slightly modified for the Wii. It performs patching of some games when they load, presumably to enhance compatibility with problematic titles.

    Q: What is a cMIOS?
    A: A customized/hacked version of an MIOS, which allows one to play burned Gamecube game backups
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    If I only play backups from a HDD, should I install this? I dont plan on playing any gamecube games either (as of now) so does this have any other merit? Thinking no, but like confirmation before I remove it from the apps folder of my SD card. Thanks!
    4.2u/ priiloader v.02 (r30)/ HomeBrew/ USB Loader GX v1.0 r886/ cIOS 222/223 installer v4 Version 3.0/ signCheck Version 0.3/ Wad Manager Version 1.3

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    And I really have no business doing any of this LMFAO!

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    This is of no use to you, if that is the case.
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    It says MIOS v8, but on the bottom, it says rev1, rev2, rev3.
    Can you please explain this a bit better?

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    Better explanation:
    Version 1 (rev1)
    Version 2 (rev2)
    Version 3 (rev3)
    Version 4 (newer version NOT IN GUIDE)
    Version 5 (also newer version)

    Official MIOS:
    Version 4 (v4)
    Version 5 (v5)
    Version 8 (v8)
    Version 9 (v9)
    Version 10 (v10, not in guide)

    How to install cMIOS.
    Copy any official MIOS revision and place it in the root of the SD card.
    Copy the cMIOS installer into the sd:/apps folder.
    Run the cMIOS installer using IOS36,222,249,202,223,224, or WHATEVER.

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    Thanks a lot! I finally understood.

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    The download links don't work anymore. Think you could update them? I really want to install the official mIOS over the cMIOS so I can just boot my gamecube games without having to go through all the troubles I'm having right now.

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