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Thread: system update from ice age 3 game caused black screen when wii is turned on

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    Cool system update from ice age 3 game caused black screen when wii is turned on


    this is my first time on this site please help.
    i have the homebrew channel installed on system menu 4 by using bannerbomb. i have coverfloader and backup lancher.

    i recieved a game ( ice age 3) from love fil rental. once the game was inserted i was prompted with a system update (from the disc).
    i installled this update, message said update successful, however when i clicked ok, the screen went black and stayed that way.

    i have powered off, disconnected the mains for 5 min but still the black screen. if i press the wiimote button, the blue led`s flash but the wiimote does not power up.

    is my wii bricked or is there a solution for the problem.

    its still under warrenty, but will they fix it due to the homebrew channel being installed

    any information will be greatful

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    I guess you didn't understand what you were doing when you did your softmod. Changes were made to the firmware or IOSes of the Wii to allow HBC and backup discs to play. After that is done, one should not allow a game to perform an update or Nintendo to do a sytem update. These updates overwrite the softmods as you just saw.

    Did you install some mechanism to recover in case of disaster? Did you either install bootmii as boot2 or did you install preloader? Preloader boots up when you hold down the reset button and then power up the Wii. Try that if you don't remember if you installed preloader.


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