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Thread: Guitar Hero 3

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    Cool Guitar Hero 3

    Friend code is 013-006-405-395

    Giv me urs in return

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    mine is 313-655-530-965

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    Talking guitar hero 3

    hey outcast and estebas could youguy b my friend s on gh3 i have no one to play with most of the time and i would b great to have friend i just signed up to the site heres my FC: 004494522337 ad me plz thanks names PARTYMIKE

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    i will ad yor fc # asap plz add me partymike

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    Sir are you dumb? Can you read dates what so ever? The last post was from over a year ago, yet you want to bump this and be your friends. They obviously don't even come here anymore. Wow..... also way to double post. Infraction nao

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    Quote Originally Posted by estebas730 View Post
    Friend code is 013-006-405-395

    Giv me urs in return
    alright thanks heres mine:120465966615

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    Quote Originally Posted by DirtyGhettoKid View Post
    alright thanks heres mine:120465966615
    Hey DirtyGhettoKid lets exchange friend codes mine is 150451776342 and i already know yours. ill be on almost everyday.
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