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Thread: is my wii bricked?

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    is my wii bricked?

    preloader was acting weird and lost my menu so i installed the menu. wad now when i go to turn my wii on nothing and i cant seem to get to preloader either when i hit the reset with the power its preloader26 i believe

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    what do you mean by preloader 'acting weird'?

    preloader doesnt just act weird and kill your system menu.

    What exactly did you do before it died?

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    using the 4.0 waninkoko updater and that failed and reset the console and it went to preloader having this problem before with my other wii i installed the system menu and bam nothing

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    You should have installed the main IOS for your system menu first and then the System Menu wad. e.g. For 4.0 IOS60 then System Menu v418.

    You've probably wiped preloader as that's keyed to your Main system IOS.

    Good way to brick your Wii I suppose.

    Bootmii installed as boot2 would be mighty handy for you right now. Your only other option would be savemii/savemiifrii but that's unlikely to work as it relies on IOS.
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    hmm thats weird because i tried to install 4.0 before that and it didnt work just send me back to the main screen
    but this time it didnt it sent me to preloader where i went to install the system menu which im guessing i installed the wrong one


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