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Thread: some wads not working?

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    some wads not working?

    i just updated my wii to the 4.1 softmod and im having problems with some of my wads not working (like contra rebirth). not sure why this is happening because some other wads work. if anyone has any info on how to get these wads to work id appreciate it. thanks

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    Do you have any firther information. Error codes perhaps. What happens when you have a non-working wad?
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    when you click on the wad it goes to load up and then just restarts the wii. i dont get any error codes either. ive tried switching it from the sd card to the regular wii menu and neither work. ive tried different sites too getting the wads. just not sure what it could be

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    if anyone has an idea of what this might be any advice will be appreciated. thanks

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    get ioses 38 53 55

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    i tried installing ios 38 and 55 but the ios installer i have didnt have 53 and the games still dont work. is there another ios installer that has the 53 or is that the problem? thanks

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    just like to thank everyone for all the help. got contra rebirth working so im guessing the rest will. installing that ios53 fixed that but i also installed the others to be sure. thanks again

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    Grrr still not able to play wad games - blank screen

    I have tried using drop-ios v8 and reinstalled ios 38 53 & 55 to latest version, yet still i cannot run any wad games, this is now busting my brain as everything else works!

    What am i doing wrong?

    Wii ver 4.2E, with bootmi and preloader, games work fine from disc channel, yet when i install wad games (or try to play wad games any already installed) i just get a blank screen and the remote loses sync.

    Thanks guys in advance :-)

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    dop ios70 and you should be able to

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