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Thread: D2CKey region frii

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    D2CKey region frii

    I recently upgraded my WII firmware to 4.2U - using the WII upgrade menu option.

    Anyway, I have a USA / ntsc wii with D2CKey and JP1 connected (JP2 is open). My PAL game backups used to work just fine until I upgraded!

    I dismantled the WII to check the D2CKey installation (soldered) and everything looks fine under a pwerful magnifying glass!

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Finally how do I downgrade back to 3.2U - I already have Homebrew Channel installed?

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    follow steps on there, i had the same problem not being able to load games or wiiware off my sd card. if everything goes ok, you should have no problems

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    I ended up doing software mod (USBloader) which negates the need for my hardware mods!


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