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Thread: help please with tools to flash xbox360

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    help please with tools to flash xbox360

    flash xbox360 will this pci card work SATA(2) PCI Card SY-VIA-150 i have hp pavilion a1108uk desktop i am very new to all this so would be very thankful
    for any help i dont want to get the wrong tools i also have a sata port on my motherboard but don't understand all this technical stuff about chipset
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    Just get a Via card from ebay' search xbox 360 and theres tons of via cards' and they all do the same thing and go for about 20.00 or less'

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    I had a liteon drive and saw way to many different tutorials going from soldering bridges to sticking pens in your drive to buying probes and other things. What I did was go to craigslist look ion your area for xbox360 mods or flash and just pay someone to do it. its not as much as buying a probe easier than making your own. Also is it ok to mention using craigslist for 360 modding here as its a Wiihack site? If so ss my bad


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