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Thread: A few questions on neogamma

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    A few questions on neogamma

    Hello, I'm on 4.1u with cIOS 13b. I have a few questions about the backup launcher.

    1 - Is there a way to disable autobooting game discs? like if i have a game disc in the wii drive, whenever i open neogamma it automatically loads it up (and fails because the only discs I use are GC backups). it's annoying because I put wii games on a hard drive and GC on disc.

    2 - when i update to cIOS v14, my usb drive doesn't work properly. v13b with neogamma 6 works flawlessly, but v14 with NG7 crashes on USB. is this a well known issue and is there any fix or recommendation? I'd like to be up to date when it comes to those vital things.

    3 - i also use the gamecube backup launcher (, and the only option that works is by pressing "b" and booting using the mios (if that makes any difference). My question is if there is a version that i can install as a channel.

    thank you!

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    stay with the one that works for you. also if you want you can use a USB laoder like GX for your HDD backups
    News (USB Loader GX)

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    thx for the link, im trying it out right now =)

    also, im using GC backup launcher .2. Is that the most recent, and is there a way to install it as a channel?

    GameCube Backup Launcher channel-wads -

    I found this but it looks third party. safe you think?

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    1. keeping disc inside Wii at idle is not a nice idea.
    2. USB_Loader_GX
    3. try Wadder for channel installation

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    hmm is there an official channel released by wiigator though? i can't find one so I'm guessing no =(


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