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Thread: my wii didn't be Desplayed on the TV

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    my wii didn't be Desplayed on the TV


    i updated my wii to 4.2 and there is proplems with this ver.
    i downgrade it to 3.2 and i use a method to upgrade it to 4.1 online
    but the proplem is when it finshed, it didn't restart
    the display gone just like there is no device connceted to the TV

    when i want to restor the backup, it's the same there is no pecture on TV just like there is no device connected to it

    i connect other wii, there is no proplem just my wii has propelm

    please help me and show me the way to solve this proplem

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    When you mean restore backup you mean bootmii as boot2? Bootmii would only load if you had a specific file on your sd card at start-up. This is a full brick and if your bootmii as boot2 isn't working. Your only option is to send it back to Nintendo


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