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    hey guys i just installed the homebrew channel in my wii using the bannerbom method last night...installed the dvdx too...these are the only 2 things i installed and i dint install any system is a pal version.. i think the firmware is 3.3U.. now wat next..wat do i do to play back up games on my wii...

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    Now follow a proper tutorial, such as this one
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    Quote Originally Posted by rahil526 View Post
    hey ... system is a pal version.. i think the firmware is 3.3U.. now wat next.....
    conflict ??

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    hmmm ok i wil follow the above specified tutorial....wat about the homebrew channel which i installed earlier??? do i have to remove it...if yes then how

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    To preserve your HBC, you can just skip that part of Step 1. Also, as billyhome noted-if your Wii is PAL, your FW should read 3.3E.


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