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    I just downloaded scummvm for the Wii. Homebrew works fine...scummvm works fine, except it won't find my game files. I have Beneath a Steel Sky (sky.cpt) on my sd card, yet scumm just doesn't see it. I'm wondering if there is another file type that I need? and Help would be appriciated. In the meantime I will try to reinstall scumm. Thanks.

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    I got it working!

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    I have the same problem - how did you fix yours?

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    It wasn't that anything needed fixing, but what I needed to do wasselect the folder with the game content and open that rather than trying to open the .cpt file itself. It doesn't matter where you put the game folder, but here is what mine looks like...
    sd:\apps\Scumm Games\bass\...
    The game files (cpt, dnr, dsk) are in the bass folder.
    Hope this helps.


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